A single source of truth for your parts data

Keep your teams aligned and up-to-date with easily accessible part information.

Centralized Part Data

Easy Part Re-Ordering

Part Revision Management

User Friendly Interface

Blockchain Parts PLM

Centralized part data on a distributed blockchain

Easier to use than a spreadsheet, SyncFab's powerful set of PLM features help centralize all engineering and manufacturing documentation to keep your timelines on schedule.


Quick and easy parts revision management

Upload anywhere from a single part to ten parts and keep these parts and subsequent versions updated in a centralized parts library. Distribute updates to your team and keep all stakeholders up-to-date.


Enable faster re-orders of parts

When uploading parts as standalone, or part of an RFQ submission, parts buyers can enable faster re-orders of parts in their library without having to submit a new RFQ and attach the same parts.


A centralized source of truth for all engineering and manufacturing data for the parts within your supply chain.

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