Leverage blockchain's immutable technology to record your parts lineage and provenance

SyncFab's tokenization technology creates an immutable record for each trackable part on our Manufacturing Blockchain.

Track Part Lineage

Unique Token Identifiers

Auditable Visibility

Blockchain Parts Provenance

Secure part lineage data on an immutable blockchain record

Enable product genealogy, serialization with Token ID, and record origin and authenticity of product parts. It helps in regulatory compliance, targeted recalls, and preventing counterfeit components.


Prevent counterfeit parts and verify part provenance with confidence

Searched for parts through it's unique token identifier to cross check parts authenticity with ease and verify it's ownership


Secure ownership data and transfer

Store all documentation, data, and part certifications in a secure format that enables easy transfer of ownership.


Begin verifying the origin and authenticity of the parts in your supply chain

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