Incentivizes collaboration and speed across your company’s supply chain.

MFG Tokens® can be used to create custom rewards and compensate manufacturers for time and accuracy put into competitive tender bids

Custom MFG incentives can reward:

Data sharing

Quick responses

Quality deliverables

Customer loyalty

Blockchain Parts Track & Trace

Automate payments with Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts can automate payments based on custom triggers, like goods arriving or passing inspection. Each party can trust the payment verification mechanism, as they can trust blockchain - the underlying technology that records each transaction.


Send payments anywhere quickly and cheaply

MFG Tokens® are a digital ERC20 cryptocurrency that allow your OEM business and its suppliers to pay for Supply Chain Products and Services on the SyncFab platform, transfer MFG Tokens® across borders and marketplaces instantly, with zero FX transaction fees, and continue using them or exchange them into local currency.


Secure Transactions for the Global Supply Chain

The MFG Token® can both streamline your supply chain and offer greater security and accessibility for your growing business and its diverse stakeholders.


Build incentives for collaboration and speed into your manufacturing supply chain with the MFG Token® supported by SyncFab.

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