SyncFab works with leading medical devices parts manufacturers that have done work with companies large and small. Our blockchain technology helps secure data within supply chains and dynamically scale manufacturing capacity. Medical devices companies and defense contractors can build a more agile supply chain with SyncFab so they can focus on their business.

How It Works


Access Manufacturing Capacity

Get the best quotes from a pre-qualified manufacturing network when you need it.


Secure Blockchain Order Process

All your PO documents in one place! Securely stored on our proprietary Blockchain platform.


End-To-End Visibility

Control your supply chain with transparent order tracking allowing better exceptions handling.

Mitigate the risk of medical device product recalls

Blockchain technology offers a secure, decentralized ledger to record every transaction across a supply chain in a single, shared audit trail, which can be integrated with technologies like IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) sensors to identify and track defective components and products.


Cut procurement costs with digital verification and qualification

SyncFab’s manufacturing blockchain solution can enable medical device manufacturers to regain up to $1.5B in lost procurement cost savings through supplier e-verification and electronic QMS qualification.


Get precision-manufactured medical device parts

SyncFab’s procurement platform enables your medical device business to secure precision parts and prototypes faster and more cheaply, from our national network of NTMA-partnered machine shops.


Store medical device certifications and documentation securely

If security and availability ever conflict in your organization, then simply use a manufacturing blockchain to verify that documents shared on your network haven’t been tampered with. Store and share certifications, PPAP tests, warranties, and QMS documentation for regulatory compliance, safe in the knowledge that they’re protected.


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