Renewable energy needs to double its capacity every seven years for the next 70 years in order to reach current targets. It’s a rapidly-evolving sector that will benefit from a range of emerging technologies. However, energy infrastructure is complex and highly-networked, so ensuring that components are high-quality and sourced rapidly is crucial. SyncFab can help!

How It Works


Access Manufacturing Capacity

Get the best quotes from a pre-qualified manufacturing network when you need it.


Secure Blockchain Order Process

All your PO documents in one place! Securely stored on our proprietary Blockchain platform.


End-To-End Visibility

Control your supply chain with transparent order tracking allowing better exceptions handling.

Get precision-manufactured renewable energy parts

Your order is matched to a machine shop with the relevant technical capabilities, industry certification, and capacity. Blockchain technology secures your intellectual property, creates an immutable audit trail, and eliminates manual paperwork - so you get parts faster, and at more competitive prices.


Tokenize parts and run blockchain audit reports

Automatically create a unique ERC721 token for each trackable item (a single part, PO, or finished product) in your supply chain, which includes all that item’s relevant production data and enables it to be tracked across the supply chain and beyond, from company to company.


Customize and white-label SyncFab’s manufacturing blockchain

Integrate our Blockchain-as-a-Service to eliminate manual paperwork, tighten security, cut costs, connect suppliers to your documentation and parts library, and streamline production tracking and procurement.


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