Blockchain solutions for manufacturing supply chains

About Us

SyncFab connects OEM part buyers with distributed parts manufacturers backed by distributed ledger blockchain technology solutions for superior security, traceability and supplier management.

Our Mission

To create digital transformation in the manufacturing supply chain to increase capacity utilization for suppliers, improve accessibility to OEM supply chain buyers, and secure production data using blockchain.

Our Solutions

Upgrade your supply chain’s efficiency, transparency, and traceability with the industry’s first manufacturing blockchain solution suite.

SyncFab Parts Procurement
Parts Procurement

Get quotes from SyncFab's pre-qualified manufacturers with the capacity, processes, and certification that you need.

SyncFab Parts PLM
Parts PLM

A centralized source of truth for all engineering and manufacturing data for the parts within your supply chain.

SyncFab Parts Provenance
Parts Provenance

Record and authenticate each part on a single, immutable, and transparent blockchain ledger with SyncFab's Part Tokeniaztion technology.

SyncFab Parts Track & Trace
Parts Track & Trace

Manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and even customers can track individual parts across your manufacturing supply chain.

SyncFab Parts Recall
Parts Recall

Access an auditable and verifiable blockchain log, so any recall exercise can precisely identify a faulty part and ensure swift recalls.

MFG Token® Smart Payments
MFG Token® Smart Payments

Automate payments across your supply chain to increase speed, eliminate disagreements, and enhance trust, visibility, and traceability.

Platform White Labeling
Platform White Labeling

Customize SyncFab’s manufacturing blockchain platform into your supply chain to unleash the full potential of digital transformation.

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On-Site Node Storage

Self-managed and hosted blockchain solutions built with security compliance in mind and optimized for scale.

Custom ERP Solutions
Custom ERP Solutions

Co-innovate with SyncFab’s BCS team to build a custom blockchain solution that meets your organization’s unique business needs.

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